Sunday, December 8, 2013


“Promoting African-American interest in Africa “

Although it has been a few years and we never know who is doing what behind the scenes. If these gentlemen think Afrika important enough to invest in its future, shouldn’t you?

Many Countries of Africa are at peace, yet there is a silent and deadly war going on from within. These Afrikan Countries have gained their independence from European influence, only to be slowly losing  their new-found freedom under the guise of international foreign companies “help” in technologies and advanced breakthroughs etc while Afrika  is continually slipping backwards in progress and development. 

Many of these foreign companies have been in Afrikan Countries even before the 50’s, yet many communities do not have decent plumbing or sufficient reliable electrical services. 

There is a new type of industrial slavery of raping and pillaging Afrika of Her resources with “Mazza” gaining a foot-hold with an even more evil agenda than the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 

The minimum wage is $3.00 (in Ghana), yet these foreign companies make billions over the years trillions from Afrikas resources keeping funds availability within these companies as the World Bank invests billions in “Research” to keep foreign companies afloat and in position, while failing to make  loans to hard working small businesses that are Afrikan owned.

One of the largest investors and foreign presence in Afrika is PIA—Private Investors for Africa.  A representative, Julie Bleeker, for PIA insisted, “Thank you for your email and your interest in the Private Investors for Africa (PIA). The PIA is a business coalition that brings together ‘ethically like-minded’ companies with the objective of tapping into their business experience in Africa…All our projects in Africa are developed and executed by our members in collaboration with international organisations. Unfortunately, the PIA does not fund any external projects.”  As an afterthought, under separate cover there was:Apologies…Kind regards, PIA secretariat.  

This insult was directed to not only His Excellency Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III and the entire Central Region of Cape Coast but the Country of Ghana and the entire Afrikan Continent where most of these companies operate. 

Needless to say they were called upon to rectify their insulting, disparaging and racist statements and to issue an immediate apology.  In addition, PIA was requested to forward a copy of that request to their members to ascertain whether or not they were in agreement with Julie Bleeker's foul statement. 

That request was sent November 26, 2013.  There has been no reply.

The Following companies are members of PIA:

Hartwig Michels, President, Region Europe & MEA- BASF

William (Bill) Egbe, Group Sustainability Director for Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group

Nick Blazquez, President, Africa, Turkey, Russia & Eastern Europe, Diageo plc.

Jay Ireland, President and CEO of GE Africa

Siep Hiemstra, Regional President – HEINEKEN Africa & Middle East

Kevin C. Clayton, Managing Director - Kimberly-Clark – Southern Africa

Jean-Christophe Barbant, Country CEO for Lafarge Nigeria and Benin Republic

Dominic Bruynseels, Regional Chief Executive: West Africa - Standard Bank

Marijn van Tiggelen, Executive Vice President – Africa-Unilever

Josef Keltjens, Vice President, Business Unit Africa - Yara

To these 10 companies, the Central Regional District  Senior Divisional Chief and the communities of Cape Coast Ghana awaits your reply. 

Apostle Rubie James
US Administrative & Personal Assistant to:
H.R.M. Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III
Senior Divisional Chief Central Region
Akyempimhen of Oguaa Traditional Area

SUCARDIF - Sankofa United Continent Africa Roots Development International
                       Tower of Return
                       Stone of Tears
                       Black Doors of Tears
                       Pan Afrikan Ancestoral Historical Designs

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